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Paragon Europe has 12 years of experience providing quality internship experiences to European and international university students, recent graduates, young professionals, post graduates and voluntary workers to become an Intern or Trainee with a Maltese company. These structured and guided work-based learning programs offer cultural immersion in Malta together with professional development and hands-on experience in the interns or trainees specific academic or occupational fields.

Paragon Europe has developed an extensive database of companies and businesses willing to offer internship opportunities to foreign students in Malta. Each intern's placement offer is tailored to their sector and our qualified staff will ensure that all details are taken care of so you can come to Malta with total peace of mind.

Benefits of a Paragon Internship in Malta:
- Gain hands-on work experience in the best organisations and enhance your CV
- Improvement of knowledge within the industry you are studying
- English language practice
- Intercultural experience
- Meeting individuals from all around Europe
- Plenty of opportunities to find a paid full time job
- Affordable lifestyle
- Many possibilities for recreation and socialisation
- Warm weather throughout the year
- A safe environment
- Friendly and forthcoming locals
- Lots of extremely interesting history

The following services are included in the program:
- Application processing
- Skype interview to verify english level
- Host organisation screening
- Site visit to host organisation
- Accommodation and identification of housing leads
- Cultural support, opportunities and advice



Paragon Europe offers three different types of lodging: self-catering apartments, homestay and hotel accommodation.

Standard self-catering accommodation is available for individuals over the age of eighteen years and consists of a fully equipped kitchen, living and dining area as well as spacious bedrooms. In the self-catering accommodation, Paragon Europe provides free WIFI, TV, washing machine, iron and ironing board among other facilities as well as free maintenance and a weekly maid services. Our self-catering accommodation provides all the necessary comforts in order to make your stay a pleasant one. Moreover, apartments are close to all amenities such as shops and bus stops therefore adding convenience for students.

Homestay accommodation with host families is also available for both individuals under and over the age of 18. This type of accommodation provides students the ability to have a more authentic experience in Malta due to living within a Maltese household. This type of accommodation is available on half board or full board basis and offers comfortable sharing or single rooms. In addition, homestay accommodation allows students to further practice their English while they are at home.

Hotel accommodation is also available for individuals over 18 years of age and may be taken up on full board, half board or bed and breakfast basis.

Just let us know what type of accommodation best suits you and the Paragon Internships team will handle all the arrangements so you don't have to!


Tuition and English Language

At Paragon, we believe that education is the key to success therefore we encourage possibilities to enhance further knowledge and expertise within areas of interest such as English language, Maltese language, IT courses and more.

Through our contact and collaboration with tuition professionals, we are able to provide you with the opportunity to attend day classes, afternoon/evening classes, outdoor classes in central areas where situational English can be learned and practiced and also the opportunity to take English lessons on the weekend so that there is no interference with your work placement or cultural and social activities.

- Tuition is available for candidates aged 16 and over and the location for lectures would be in central Malta
- Our tuition packages are provided in collaboration with English Language Schools within a friendly and professional English speaking environment.
- Extreme importance is given to customer service. We pride ourselves on putting quality before quantity!
- An extraordinary commitment to individual attention. This is our competitive advantage.


Socio-cultural Activities

A work placement in Malta without visits to some of our historic and cultural treasures or without social engagement would be a limited one! We believe your Internship should be complemented with an extensive social and cultural programme which allows you to fully experience the Maltese Islands and benefit from enhanced networking opportunities.
The Maltese Islands are buzzing with things to do all year round you can be at Hagar Qim one minute immersed in the world's most ancient history (older than the pyramids), and floating on the clear blue Mediterranean sea the next!
Malta has a rich and vibrant culture that merges 7,000 years of history with a modern lifestyle. For a truly unforgettable experience in Malta, Paragon Europe can provide sightseeing option and various tours and excursions.

Some activities include:
- Gozo Scenic tour
- Mdina tour
- Valletta tour
- North of Malta
- Highlights of Malta
- Blue Lagoon
- Discover the Maltese Islands
- Harbour Cruise
- Mdina/Valletta/3 Cities Treasure hunt
- Paintball
- Popeye Village



Malta's primary mode of public transport is buses, offering a cheap and frequent service to all locations in Malta. The public bus service operates daily from 5.30 till 23.00 and offers different routes all around the island. There are three major hubs, these being Valletta, Mater Dei Hospital and the Malta International Airport. Through these hubs, the traveller is able to change routes easily since they provide a link to other localities and destinations.

The routes which have one or two numbers are usually the routes that operate to and from Valletta from Malta's different localities, whilst routes consisting of three numbers are the routes which link different localities together. Such routes usually do not go directly to Valletta but instead they make stops at the other two hubs; those of Mater Dei Hospital and the Malta International Airport depending on the route. Other bus routes that operate in Malta are the 'express' routes which are marked with an 'X' and a number. These routes go to and from the Malta International Airport to certain localities in Malta and are limited in the stops they make.

There are no train or rail services in Malta so the alternative to public buses is taxis which can be booked beforehand, they would pick you up and drop you off at any given location. A ferry is available between Malta and the sister islands of Gozo and Comino that operates daily with ferries departing every 30-45 minutes.

On your arrival at the Malta International Airport, a taxi will pick you up and take you to your chosen accommodation providing you peace of mind and eliminating any hassle getting to your destination with your luggage on your arrival.



Paragon Europe hosts a large number of academic staff mobility for our partner institutions from all over Europe. Rectors, deans, teachers, international officers and lecturers have all visited our shores and spent a number of days in Malta for a professional experience. We ensure that our visiting academic staff have a unique experience whilst they are in Malta.

Staff mobility programmes are geared towards the professional development of adult education staff in the form of a job shadowing/observation period abroad in a relevant organisation and/or participation in structured training courses or events.

Paragon Europe can provide the following Staff Mobility Services:
- Job shadowing
- Visits to companies
- Training courses
- Sociocultural programmes
- Other services on request



Paragon Europe offers a range of training courses that can be customised to individual or group requirements as part of personal and professional development. Our courses are offered at vocational, academic and professional levels. We also provide coaching and mentoring to professionals who are seeking to grow in their careers.

At Paragon, we believe that personal and professional development are lifelong processes. Training provides means for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential. It is not enough to train the workforce, training the trainer is also crucial and gives individuals the practical platform skills and the confidence needed to succeed.

Some training courses include, but are not limited to:
- Leadership Skills in Management
- Innovation and Entrepreneurship
- Project Management
- EU Fund Management
- Environment and Efficiency
- Team Building
- Creativity and Idea Generation
- Director Training